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Consider It Considerate

Last time we were here, I was speaking about my experiences with being wrapped up in a story.  I received a few good suggestions for some shows and books to get involved in.  I will have

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A Good Story

Last time we were here I was speaking about the age old stereotype of a Salesman.  I received a couple of your emails, but I absolutely love this story.  One of you went into a Dealership

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The Used Car Salesman

Last time we were here, I spoke about giving back to the community.  I had so many great response that I decided to leave it up longer in hopes to inspire more people to lend a helping hand

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A Helping Hand

When we last were here, I had asked for your input on Scams.  I had someone reach out to me and let me know that they are now doing automated calls with a machine to try and capture your credit

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